Child Day Care Center San Fernando Valley - Tarzana

When you’re looking for the very best in day care for your child, come to us.
Those early years are so important. Every parent would like to be there from the beginning with their infant or toddler, but sometimes, giving them the life they deserve means being apart. When you just can’t be there, we can. Providing the kind of loving care children need is our life’s work. Our small class sizes, attentive child-centered approach, safe atmosphere, and caring professional staff make us the next best thing to you.

Care Tailored to Your Child’s Individual Needs and Your Schedule.
We strive to find the right balance of comforting and independence, so that our infants and toddlers are not neglected or clingy, just calm and happy. Our day care center’s play, arts & crafts and learning programs are process oriented and feature a mix of structured and unstructured activities, with infants receiving the direction they need, while toddlers have more free play. Younger and older children play together so they can have role models and develop needed social skills while allowing maximum safety for babies.

Full Time and Part-Time Care Available for Your Convenience
We provide both full time and part-time day care for the convenience of parents and children. We allow children to be on their own schedule, not ours. They can nap when they’re sleepy and eat when they’re hungry. We change diapers when they’re wet. No infant or toddler should ever have to wait for a diaper change when they’re in day care and we check regularly to make sure they’re comfortable. We offer snacks every 2 hours and drinks every 1-2 hours to make sure they know they’re available when they need them.

Infant and Toddler day care Supplies Provided.
We provide all diapers, diapering supplies, cribs, cots and other daily needs, except formula. We have an on staff cook who creates fresh, delicious home-style meals. Yes, we CAN accommodate special diets.

Exceptional Teacher/Child Ratio
With our high ratio of teachers to children, we give children care that is unsurpassed. We take children from birth to Kindergarten. We have one staff member to every 2 to 3 children under the age of two, depending on how much individual care the staff feels each infant needs.

Our teacher/child ratio for our two years olds is 1 to 4. We are the only day care center in the San Fernando Valley and Tarzana area that provides this high a ratio for our two year olds. We believe they deserve the best quality day care and the kind of nurturing that makes them feel secure.

Parental day care Visits Encouraged
Parents are welcome to pop in unannounced to our Tarzana day care center at any time. In fact, we encourage it. If you do, you’ll generally see our babies playing happily with each other and their teachers. Of course, any little guy or gal can have a bad day, but with our attentive staff, the storm soon passes and they’re smiling again in no time.

Easy to Reach Tarzana Location
We’re just minutes from the 101 and 405 Freeways in Tarzana, convenient to the entire central San Fernando Valley, including Encino, Woodland Hills and Sherman Oaks. There’s a large parking lot available and our secure entrance is set well off the street, so you’ll always have a safe spot when you come to pick up your children.

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