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"I strongly recommend Lisa’s Infant/Toddler Experience to any parent. My daughter has been with the school since she was 11 months old (she just turned 2). I was very nervous about leaving her at a daycare because she is my 1st and only child. I must have spent at least 2 weeks visiting 2-3 daycares a day and none of them made me feel any less nervous. But, thank God I finally found Lisa’s. All of my fears were put right at ease from the minute I walked in the door. They keep a daily record of what and how much she ate, drank, how long she slept and any other things that may come up in a day. She has her own bed and linens that are just hers for as long as she’s there, her own basket with extra cloths and they keep a very sanitary changing area. It is also very safe. The have safety gates at every doorway and the staff always make sure to look out the window & recognize the person on the other side of the door before permitting anyone to enter the school. The Child/Teacher ratio is very satisfactory. All of the staff are very knowledgeable & have on more than one occasion (when I’ve asked for the advise) provided me with very helpful tips on what to expect from her at her age and how I might handle things.

The day I went to take a tour of the school, I was introduced to all of the teachers and aids and was able to converse with them & ask them any questions I needed to. After spending some time there I decided with confidence that this was the daycare for us.

I was afraid that my daughter would have a hard time adjusting considering that this was her 1st daycare and up until then had been cared for by family but, she adjusted immediately and has had a wonderful, loving and encouraging experience from day 1. The only thing I wish was different is the maximum age Lisa’s will accept the children. I wish they kept them all the way through Kindergarten!!! I dread the day she turns 3 & I have to try and find a place as amazing as Lisa’s."

- Angela Alvarado

"The staff at Lisa’s does so much more than just care for our son’s basic needs. They’ve taken the time to learn what makes him thrive, and are committed to his well being. Unlike at so many other day care centers, he gets to nap when he needs to (instead of a time that’s convenient for everyone else), is paid extra attention when he needs it, and eats the foods he likes best. It means that we get to go to work each day feeling good about the care he’s in. He smiles when we arrive there as much as when we pick him up. We’re so grateful to have found Lisa’s!"

- Laurie Firestone Siedelman

"Our daughter started at Lisa's when she was 4 months old. The staff is so nurturing that she has bonded with each of them. I appreciate their love and care!"

- Elaine Der

My son truly enjoyed his days at Lisa's Infant Toddler Program, and I enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that he was left in a very caring environment.



"Our son has been at Lisa’s since November 2006, and we feel right at home with the staff. He sees the same group of caretakers and supervisors every day. We value his individualized schedule and the special attention he receives from his nutritional requirements to nap times.

As a parent, you really get as much as you put in at Lisa’s. I leave notes for the supervisors almost every day. I draft these notes the night before so that I’m not in a hurry to jot something down the next morning. It’s my way of directly communicating instructions as well as informing the staff of the kind of night our son had at home or over the weekend, what he might have eaten for breakfast prior to getting dropped off that day, or what time he was given any medication/s, for example.

We appreciate Lisa’s diligence in fiercely adhering to her illness policy. Though it may seem horribly inconvenient to make alternate plans for your child when s/he is sick, prospective parents need to understand that it’s really for the sake of all the kids and the care takers that the policy is so stringent. So, don’t be surprised or caught off guard when you receive that phone call to pick up your sick child –have a plan prepared in advance!

It can be challenging to place your little one into day care for the first time, and it’s never easy, but Lisa and her staff do their very best to make that transition as comfortable as possible. In no time your little one won’t even bat an eyelash when you say, “Bye, bye…I’m going to work now and I’ll see you later.”

-Esther + Mike


"My daughter Laura started going to Lisa´s infant care when she was just a few months old. As bran new parents we worried about who we were going to entrust with our baby. Neither one of us had any family in California and both had to work, so we looked for a while for the right place. We try a couple of daycare centers before finding Lisa, but my little one cried inconsolably when I left her and was still very upset when I picked her up. Because of this,I only had her at those centers for a couple of days before giving up full of guilt and worried that I would never be able to leave my precious daughter with anyone.

But then I found Lisa´s. Her and her staff were so professional and so loving towards Laura that I had a great feeling about them from the very beginning. I still remember when Lisa took the time to ask me, in one of our early visits, if there was any particular song my daughter specially like, so they can sing it to her if she was ever upset. When I told her about a couple, she wrote it down in my little one´s chart. I was impressed!. I knew then that my daughter will be safe and care for and that was to me a precious gift.

I will always be grateful to Lisa and her staff, whom I visit still periodically. Laura has developed into a wonderful little girl with some magnificent personality traits, like her willingness to share and her compassion for others. I¨d like to think that our genes had something to do with this, but I know that her early years with Lisa´s staff also contributed to the formation of her sweet nature.

Thank you all: Lisa, Alicia, Karen, Claudia for been my second family to me and to Laura in the first two years of her life."

- Carmen


"Lisa and Staff,

Thank you for providing our daughter with exceptional childcare and like being her home away from home. I must say we had a great experience while at your daycare. My our grew up from being a 12 week old baby to an active toddler while under your care. Thank you for providing her with not only loving care but nutritional meals and snacks. You showed that you care about what goes into her body as well as how she learns and develops physically and emotionally."
Best Regards,
Kelly Correa


My wife and I looked far and wide for a day-care that we felt good about.

And while I have to admit I did have some reservations about Lisa\'s, my wife did not. And now I know why. As always, Debi can sense the good about something, and Lisa\'s was no different. I cannot thank Lisa\'s enough for the GREAT care my little Cailey is getting there!

The staff is the best, and they really know how to spot the needs of a child and when.

My little baby is a big concern to me and just like any parent I want the best for her in these early years. Thank goodness I can relax about Lisa\'s, knowing I have just a little peace of mind during my crazy work day, knowing our Cailey is well taken care of.

Ed and Debi


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